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What we do

At BrandWorld we specialise in producing top quality video content, designed to engage consumers through powerful visual storytelling.

We live and breathe branded content, conceptualising and producing some of the most successful platforms in New Zealand including Food in a Minute, Family Health Diary, Made to Match and the Mix, as well as a host of tailored platforms designed specifically for clients’ needs, repurposed for multichannel use.

Our approach is unique in the advertising world in that we are able to provide simple, cleverly-packaged solutions that are both effective and won’t blow the budget.

With our packaged approach, there are no unexpected creative problems requiring unexpected cash top ups. We have made many of our presenters household names; our formats are trusted and recognised from the moment you hear the introductory jingle, lending a credibility and weight to many products that would simply be unachievable on their own.

When we develop tailored solutions for clients like Lion, Watties, Easiyo or the AA, we leverage the knowledge from more than 1000 campaigns, produced for more than 150 clients, plus the unique programme-making skills of our highly experienced and diverse team.

So whether it’s growing sales, increasing share or building your brand’s reputation; whatever you need, we can deliver.